sabato 17 settembre 2011

The Necktie

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«Valentin and his compelling quest for the meaning of life. The film skilfully outlines the way this model employee's personality is effaced by futile work in a dead-end job that makes him forget his youthful pastimes. As his birthdays go by, boredom replaces hope and his old aspirations fade. When revolt emerges for a moment, it is quashed by despair.
On his 40th birthday, he rediscovers an old accordion hidden in a closet and regains the joy of life.
Filmmaker Jean-François Lévesque has a superb eye for detail and directs his story with subtlety and aplomb. The ingenious mix of puppet animation and animated drawings reinforces the contrast between Valentin — a human, likeable character — and his colleagues and boss, a two-dimensional cardboard cut-out.
The Necktie is a critical look at the apparently immutable powers-that-be, the dehumanizing nature of futile work, and hope reborn after all» (NFB). 

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